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so please fuck off.
1st-Dec-2013 10:20 am - Friends only motherfucker.
nicole kidman; recover
Yeah, friends only. Because I don't want some 80-year-old e-pedo reading about my homosexual obsessions (or do I?) Graphic posts, however, are not friend locked.

Comment to be considered.
22nd-May-2009 03:05 pm - bv
nicole kidman; recover
got no internet, so yeah. died. hopefully back in a couple of weeks

ilu all.
12th-Apr-2009 03:41 pm - Icon batch: #3
nicole kidman; recover
24 Icons:
- 6 alice nine.
- 12 Ayabie
- 6 Sugar

- If you use any icons, please give credit to oiracul.
- No claiming as your own.
- No editing the icons in any way.

i'm dancing in my sleep.Collapse )
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